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Selecting the Best Hub Fastener for a Power Transmission Application

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on 04/10/2018
Please click on the following link for detailed information: SDP-SI_Fairloc Hub Design

Stock Drive Products/Sterling Instruments Moving

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on 05/31/2016
Effective December 1, 2016, the Designatronics, Inc. divisions of Stock Drive Products, Sterling Instruments, Inc., QTC Metric Gears, and Quality Bearings and Components will be moving into their new headquarters. Click on image for details.   moving

Designatronics, Inc. Aerospace and Defense Products

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on 05/01/2015
Click on the DSG Aerospace Brochure link for information regarding our precision gears and gear assemblies for the Aerospace and Defense Industries.   DSG_Aerospace_Brochure  

Designatronics Inc. Medical Industry Products

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Double click on the “Medical Brochure”  link for information regarding all of our precision mechanical components and complete engineered solutions for the Medical Device and Healthcare Industries. Medical_Brochure    

Designatronics New Product Alert

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on 01/27/2015

Build a Miniature Synchronous Drive System Today In response to the growing need for smaller belt drives. (more…)

Southco New Product Alert

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on 01/22/2015

Southco’s new AC-50 Squeeze Handle Actuator features ergonomic squeeze actuation and a curved profile specifically designed for easy mounting to tubular construction. Constructed of high-strength, corrosion-resistant materials and tested to 40,000 cycles, the AC-50 Squeeze Handle provides improved industrial design and functionality that is ideal for rugged outdoor environments and interior applications. (more…)

Southco New Product Alert

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on 01/21/2015

Southco’s Tilt, Swivel and Swing Display Mount (A Series) is now available with an added feature that allows the arm to be locked into position for easy storage. Designed with a plunger that securely locks the arm into place, the A Series maintains position in extreme conditions where motion or vibration may cause display drift. The locking A Series provides reliability and proven tilt positioning while holding displays securely in place during touchscreen operation, under vibration, or when devices are mounted on uneven surfaces. (more…)